Developmental Gym for Infants

Movement Training Activities for Infants 

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Activities for promoting social interaction

   Will 8m hands to head.jpg   W-9m-initiating.jpg

Activities for promoting hand actions 

W 4m bouncy chair 11_1.jpg   R hand opening and closing 14.jpg

Active stretching exercises  
Instructions for easy-to-implement exercises to improve flexibility. 

T 10m sitting 20_1.jpg    sitting hip stretch 2_1.jpg

Early action: kicking, rolling

5 months hands to feet.jpg   will 5w kicking 7.jpg

Learning to sit
Exercises and activities to train sitting and get your infant active in sitting. 

  T 9m sitting between blocks 40_1.jpg  Sitting on my lap 3_1.jpg

From tummy lying to crawling and clambering 
Exercises and activities to get your infant up onto all fours, crawling and clambering 

    R 10m kneeling at block 1_1.jpg   R 11m prone kneeling 4_1.jpg

Pull-to-stand, standing balance, cruising and walking
Exercises and activities to get your infant into standing, improve balance, take first steps, stand alone and walk independently

  R 10m stand up low block 28_1.jpg  T 18 m stepping 3_2.jpg