My basket of toys: plastic bottles

A set of plastic bottles of different sizes


I also have a set of large plastic bottles 


Here are some of the games my grandchildren played with bottles

Sitting and unpacking a box of bottles 

Toes really enjoyed unpacking the basket of large bottles.  The games challenges his sitting balance, is also very good for strengthening the trunk muscles (core muscles).  

T  14 months playing with plastic bottles.jpg   T  14 montth plastic bottles are great toys 4.jpg

Water play: pouring water from a big bottle of water

This game is good for arm strength and coordination, visual attention and balance.  

T 2y 1m stand and pour from bottle.jpg

Unpacking a box of bottles 

I have part filled the bottles with water, which makes then heavy and difficult to lift up out of the box.

This games is good for:arm strength and coordination, core muscle strength, balance and coordination. 

W 15m carrying bottles 10.jpg

Lifting and moving a heavy bottle of water 

Here you see Toes lifting and moving a heavy bottle of water onto a high surface. This is a difficult task which requires attention, physical effort and persistence. This task also challenges Toes' balance.

   Lift-move-heavy-bottle-1.jpg   lift-move-heavy-bottle-2.jpg   lift-move-heavy-bottle-3.jpg

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