Mind Growing Games for Toddlers

Toddler GAMES Guide for Parents and Teachers 

A growing collection of Toddler GAMES with full instructions and ideas on how to adapt each game for your toddler, with many video clips.  Read more 

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Mind Growing Games and enhanced play opportunities 

Taking time to play is the best way to promote your toddler's attention, motor, emotional and communication development. 

Mind Growing Games are opportunities for enhancing your toddler's abilities, and can be adapted to suite the individual toddler's needs.  Mind Growing Games pay attention to three important aspects of toddler development: attention, motor skills and emotional self regulation. Mind Growing Games enhance development by focusing on "growing" three important aspects of toddler development: attention, movement and emotion regulation skills (GAMES).

Mind Growing Games challenge toddlers to explore, try out new things, persist even in the face of failure, learn from their mistakes and, importantly experience the good feelings that go with success. 

Mind Growing Games promote optimal development of all toddlers, but are especially beneficial for toddlers who have attention and movement difficulties related to: 

  • global developmental 
  • were  born preterm
  • those with joint hypermobility
  • toddlers with low muscle tone 
  • toddlers at risk for autism (ASD)
  • toddlers with coordination difficulties (DCD)

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Toddlers who benefit from enhanced play opportunities 

Checklists: what your toddler should be able to do 

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