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I am physiotherapist from Cape Town, South Africa. I have lectured at a number of universities both in South Africa and in the UK and held an honorary adjunct lecturer post at the University of Cape Town until recently.  I still have a small private physiotherapy practice but most of my time is spent working on a web-based resource for early intervention physical and occupational therapists with about infant and toddler development and evidence based intervention approaches. 

I am particularly interested in how children learn new skills and the importance of the emotional and cognitive skills in children's learning of movement-based tasks.

Over the last 25 years there have been very significant changes in the scientific understanding of how movement and posture are learned and controlled. Updated theories and exciting new ideas have been emerging thick and fast. These have had a profound effect on my own practice as a physiotherapist working with children and meant that I have had to question my deeply held beliefs and assumptions over and over again.

I have tried to integrate theoretical understanding with practical experience in my practice - and the outcome of that integration is what you will find on these pages.

Over the last 10 years I have presented numerous workshops for physiotherapists both here in South Africa and in the UK. These workshops have brought me into contact with many newly qualified as well as experienced paediatric physiotherapists and occupational therapists. I have become very aware that in many countries access to to CPD is limited. Paediatric therapists are often very good at figuring things out and learning through experience - but having a basic theoretical background and a range of ideas to supplement one's experience is a great help.

At a more personal level

I am also the very hands-on and doting Nana of three grandchildren now aged 6, 8 and 10. A real handful. 

This is the most amazing privilege- the opportunity to watch first hand (and videotape) the development of three infants. This experience has not only taught me a great deal about development but also humbled me. I thought I knew a great deal about infants, their growth and he best way to manage behaviour. I was wrong about a lot of things - I now really understand the different set of parenting challenges that each infant presents. I am now a lot more cautious about the advice I give to parents. 

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Pam Versfeld
Physiotherapist, Cape Town, South Africa


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