SfA Function Focused Early Intervention

Information and therapy resources 
Task based/context oriented approaches to intervention are based on the understanding that infant development involves many complex interactions between the infant's body and brain systems and the social environment. 

Function focused early intervention

GAME (Goals, activity,motor, environment) Approach 

Focus on function

Why adopt a task based, contest oriented approach to physical therapy?   
Two video tutorials outlining the principles of task based physical therapy for children. 

Early intervention components

Goal oriented intensive motor training 

Enriched environment 

Infant temperament and development 
Why some infants are highly reactive and have difficulties behavior regulation, negative arousal and poor engagement.  

Forms and charts 


Charts for tracking infant development 

These charts allow the therapist and parents to track changes an infant's progress along different developmental paths over time.

The charts are presented as PDF forms that have check boxes for noting progress as well as space for adding notes on progress.  Read more