GAMES for Toddlers

Activities and games for promoting toddler development  

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What is included? 

Hand activities (fine motor) activities for toddlers

Activities for improving your toddler's fine motor skills. 

Toddler up into standing and walking 

These activities provide parents with  ideas for helping infants who are late learning walk to develop the strength and coordination to get up into standing, walk along the furniture and start walking with support. Read more

Improving toddler leg muscle strength, balance, and agility

Toddlers who have developmental delay, are hypermobile or have low muscle tone and those with coordination difficulties often need extra help to ensure that they master all the gross motor skills. 

Lifting, carrying, throwing and catching games 


Social games to encourage communication and development of visual attention 

Taking time to play imitation, communication, anticipation games with your toddler is very important for the development of visual attention as well as sustained attention, turn taking and the ability to manage high levels of excitement. 

 BONUS  Toddler Gross Motor Tasks Checklist: a 19 page PDF download 

Identify Goals and Monitor Progress:   

The Toddler Gross Motor Tasks Checklist is a list of all the basic motor tasks a toddler should master by the age of 2-3 years.

Each task is briefly described, goals are identified and space is provided for recording progress towards achieving each goal. 

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The Checklist allows parents an overview of their toddlers' strengths and weaknesses, and identifies tasks that need to be practiced.

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Just $20 for a 12 month subscription 

Important note for therapists 

The TGMT checklist PDF version is for parents' personal use only.

Therapists can purchase a Word version with permission to copy on the TOMT 0-4 website