Toddler Gross Motor Task Checklist

Identify Goals and Monitor Progress 

The purpose of this new toddler tasks and goals checklist is to provide parents with an overview of what the toddler should be able to do, with a brief description of each task, along with a set of graded goals.

For each task there is a brief description of the task and a goal statement, along with a table for the listing sub-goals and space to record progress.  There are also links to ideas for task based training to help toddlers master the goal. 

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The form has been compiled in MS Word: this allows therapists to select the tasks they wish to assess, formulate additional goals and record progress.

The form can also easily be adapted for inclusion in a report.

The Toddler Gross Motor Tasks Checklist page provides a full list of the tasks that are included in the checklist, along with information for parents about the difficulties a toddler may experience in performing each task. 

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