Training equipment for your toddler's home gym

Creating a rich environment to encourage toddlers to be active  

Blocks for a variety of activities

2y 6m walking soft surface.jpgI have a set of medium density compressed foam blocks which are used to create many different opportunities for crawling, climbing, stepping up and down,and jumping activities.

It is important to get blocks that are made from medium to high density compressed (rebonded) foam. This quality of foam  the blocks more stable and firm enough to provide a firm surface for standing. 

Unfortunately most of the soft play equipment that can bought in a store is made from a softer foam which gives way when the child stands on it. 

I get my blocks cut to size and covered by a foam supply store.  

T 16m crawling on blocks 2.jpg  blocks-for-stepping.jpg   

Recommended sizes for blocks 

400 X 400 X 50 mm
400 X 400 X 100 mm  
400 X 400 X 200 mm 

Two wedge shaped blocks can be made by cutting a 400 X 400 X 200 block diagonally across to create 2 wedges. 

Large  foam block made from high density foam 

I have a couple of 1000 X 600 X 100mm blocks that are used in many activities.  These blocks are used as landing pads for jumping activities, as soft surfaces for rolling on and piled on top of one another they make a raised platform for clambering onto and crawling over. 

If you have loose sofa cushion they can be used in the same way as the large flat blocks 

crawling up steps 2.jpg

Making steps using cardboard boxes

Take a look at your local supermarket for some sturdy boxes used to transport fruit. These come in different sizes and are usually made from heavy duty cardboard. 

Collect a couple of these as well as some regular cardboard boxes. 

Cut the cardboard boxes up into pieces that will fit flat into the fruit box. Pack layers of cardboard into the box until you have filled the box completely. 

Now wrap packaging or masking tape around fruit box to secure the layers of cardboard inside the box. 

Now you have a sturdy step for almost no cost - except for your time. 

You could also tape a piece of non-slip matting to the base of the box to make it more stable. 

Several large pillows

For crawling and walking over, for landing on and for pillow fights. 


An exercise or yoga mat is very useful

An exercise mat provides a useful non-slip soft surface if you are playing on a smooth, non-carpeted floor. 

Some non-slip mats 

Purchase some non-slip bath mats or s roll of non slip matting. it is very important to be quite sure that blocks and steps do not slip during an activity. 

Steps from the store

A couple of the small steps that are used in the bathroom to allow a toddler to reach the hand basin. These can be used for a large variety of activities. 

A low kitchen step is also useful. 

2y 11m steeping across gap.jpg