Talking to your infant

Infants love a good chat and from the first week with a little bit of support they are ably to focus on your face and follow your lead. 

Face-to-face chats with your infant promote visual attention and head control. The infant learns about faces, how they move and convey feelings. Infants also start to connect the sound of your voice with visual information from your face. 

The best time to have a chat is when your infant is awake and alert and not tired or fussing.

Very young infants tend to lie with the head turned to one side and have difficulty keeping it in the middle. Here you see how I gently support Will's head in my hands as we chat. 

 Will 6 days supine 12.jpgWill 6 days supine 20.jpg

The video clip shows how Will intently focuses on my face for a short while and then starts to fuss because he has had enough. It is very important to pay attention to your infant's signals and back off when they indicate distress. 

While I am talking to him I am also sticking out my tongue. Once the conversation had ended you see Will copying my actions by experimenting with sticking out his tongue as well. 

A conversation with Toesies, 14 weeks (CA)