Kneeling at a low block

Infants who dislike tummy time will often be quite happy when positioned on their tummies at a low block. In this position it is easier to push up on the arms, look ahead  and to start reaching for toys with one hand. 

At 10 months Roan was not pushing up onto her hands and knees.  When I moved her into the crawling position she was able to support herself on her arms for a short while but quickly got tired and put her head down on the floor.  She simply did not have the arm muscle strength needed for holding herself up for a long time. 

R crawling position.jpgR crawling position 1.jpg

So I let her kneel facing a 10 cm high foam block.  In this position she was able to support herself on one arm and reach for toys with the other. She managed to play like this for a good 5 minutes. 

R 10m kneeling at block 5.jpgR 10m kneeling at block 1.jpg

Because her legs tended to move sideways, I provided a little support at the side of her thighs. 

R 10m kneeling at block 2.jpgR 10m kneeling at block 5.jpg

Roan (10 months) loved dislodging Velcro tape.  Here you see how I made a loop of tape on a foam block with the prickly side facing up.  I then attached a soft piece to this for her to pull of. 

R detaching Velcro.jpgR detaching Velcro 1.jpg

This video shows how Roan has difficulty supporting herself on her arms when placed in the crawling position, but manages to play when kneeling at a block. You will see how she tends to slip down backwards and her knees shift sideways when her legs are not supported. 

The video also shows how Velcro can be used to make a great toy.