Crawling up, onto and over

Active infants quickly start to crawl up onto and over any space that looks interesting and provides a challenge. 

Crawling over different surfaces and up onto low objects provides lots of opportunities for exploration and developing strength and coordination. 

Crawling on different surfaces 

Cushions are soft and challenge balance. Crawling on flattened cardboard boxes provides a different experience. 

Todler-22m-crawling-cushions_1.jpg Todler-22m-jumping-up-1.jpg

Create opportunities for crawling up onto and over

Crawling gym cardboard boxes 2.jpg

Clambering up onto a bed or sofa is a challenge

clambering 1.jpg clambering 2.jpg

Crawling up a slope is hard work

R 15m clawling on slide.jpg

A set of firm blocks makes a good crawling gym 

T 16m crawling on blocks 1.jpg T 16m crawling on blocks 2.jpg 

T 16m crawling on blocks 4.jpgT 16m crawling on blocks 6.jpg

Active infants quickly learn to crawl up a a couple of steps

They can  turn around and sit down on a raised surface.

crawling up steps 7.jpg clamber and turn 1.jpg