Easy posting games: pick up, move, and drop balls and pegs

Toddlers love posting objects  through holes.  If you cannot find your keys or phone, look for them in any hole that makes a good place for posting objects. 

Posting games are a good way to get a toddler practice and refine their ability to pick up, move and position the hand and then release the object into a hole. 

In this set of videos I show you several different activities for practicing pick up, move and drop. 

Yogurt tub with a hole in the base 
For younger toddlers I make a posting box by cutting a large hole in the base of a yogurt tub. The game is to post the balls through the hole, then pick up the tub to find them. 

Yogurt or ice cream tub with different lids 
Cutting a hole in the lid of a yogurt tube is a quick way to make a simple posting box.

I usually cut a square hole and tape over the edges of the hole to make them less sharp. 

In this video I show how I use a yogurt tub posting box and set of ping pong ball and pegs for a posting game. 

Watch carefully what my hands do as I pick up a ball, move the hand over the hole in the tub and then let go.

A posting box with two holes

This is another of my best posting boxes:

I cut a hole in the lid of the box, and another in the side. The balls are posted into the hole in the lid and then come out through the hole in the side. 

The hole in the side should be big enough to allow the child to put her hand through it. 

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