Baby and toddler hands

My baby is not using her one hand. Should I be worried? 
Observe your baby to check whether they are using both hands. 

Babies 0-6 months 

Importance of encouraging your baby to use their hands from birth
How infants use their hands to grow their  brains 

How to set up a playgym 

T 18w play gym 1_2.jpg

Activities for getting a baby to pay attention to a hemi hand 
Learning to pay attention to a neglected hemi hand: a first step towards getting an infant to use the hand.

Babies 8-18 months

All the differnt ways babies and toddlers use their hands    
A list of all the hand tasks you can expect babies and toddlers to master at different  ages

What I keep in my toy box
Objects from around the house and from the recycling: bottles, bags, boxes and lots more 

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Training activities for babies 8-18 months 

Easy posting activities using balls and pegs - videos
Use a yogurt tub and ice cream box to make easy ball and peg posting activities. 

Cardboard tubes for training grasping, holding and stabilizing 
The cardboard tubes found in rolls of wrapping paper or tin foil are just the right size fro training little hands 

Games using tubs and jars with screw on lids
Videos illustrating 5 activities using a collection of jars with screw on lids 



Toddler toys from the shop  

What babies can do with their hands 

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Baby hands 0-6 months 

Baby hands 6-10 months

Toddler hands