Lily 8m playing with bell on a ribbon

In this video clip you see Lily aged 9 months (CA 8 months) playing with a toy made of a red bell attached to a short ribbon.

She alternates grasping the ribbon and  vigorously  shaking of the bell  with passing the toy from one hand to the other, grasping either the bell or the ribbon. 

   Lily 9m shaking bell.jpg   Lily 9m reach to grasp ball 1.jpg

Several characteristics of hand function can be seen 

Lily's  visual and hand actions actions highlight several of the ways 6-10 months infants use their hands to explore object: 

  Vigorous shaking of a toy that makes a noise.

  Repeated passing of a toy from one hand to the other.  

  Wide opening of the hand as she reaches for the bell - this is seen from early in the reach.

Lily 9m reach to grasp ball 2.jpg      Lily 9m reach to grasp ball 3.jpg   

  She pays careful attention to the actions of her hands as she reaches for, and passes the toy from one hand to the other.

 The reaching hand is aligned to face the bell, in readiness for grasping.

 She uses a palmar grasp to hold the bell and the ribbon.

Lily 9m grasp ribbon 2.jpg     Lily 9m grasp ribbon 1_0.jpg   

Video clip: Lily playing with a bell with a ribbon attached.