Posting games

From about 12 months infants start to enjoy posting things into holes.  In fact you will find that as they get older they cannot resist an opportunity to post everyday objects and toys into any available slot or hole. So if you have lost your keys start looking for possible key-posting slots. 

Toesies loved posting objects through the trellis door

posting at door.jpg

Posting activities are wonderful for getting your child to do repeat an many times. It is best to start with a fair number of objects that can be posted. Then watch as your infant keeps reaching and posting until the task is completed. 

Posting small balls

Balls are the easiest object to post because they fit easily into a round hole and do not need to be angled. 

Make a posting box by cutting a round hole in a  box or the lid of a tin or plastic container.  You also need a collection of about 8-10 small balls, about the size of a ping-pong ball in an open container.  Put the posting box and balls in easy reach of the child. 

Show your child how to post a ball int the hole. Then allow the child to copy your action.

 Of course the child often has another plan and may prefer to throw the balls instead of posting them.  If that is the case, join him in this game.    

Later on you can go back to the posting activity and once again demonstrate how you put balls into the hole. 

Once your child is hooked on posting the balls, you can start to move the balls at a distance from the child so that he has to stretch to get hold of the balls. 

Posting short rods 

Posting a short rod requires more planning and control than posting a small ball. The end of the rod needs to be aligned  at right angles to the hole in the posting container. 

14m posting rods into a bottle.jpg

Building blocks often have short rods or rectangular blocks that are good for posting activities.  

When posting a rod the end of the rod needs to be aligned above the hole and the rod needs to be held more or less vertically above the container.  This requires some figuring out and several failed attempts before the goal is achieved. 

To make the task easier start with a hole that is diameter that is quite a bit larger than that of the rod.  As your child gets better at the task, make new lid wih a smaller hole.

Longer rods are more challenging

Scout around and see if you can find some longer rods for posting. These will provide your child with a bigger challenge. It requires more control to align the longer rod with the opening in the posting box. 

14m posting rods into a bottle 5.jpg

A long tube provides an added challenge.

T  19m blocks into tube 3.jpg T  19m blocks into tube 4.jpg

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