Scarf games

One of my favorite toys is a box of scarves. Infants and toddlers love the colors and feel of the scarves and like unpacking the box.

Max likes play unpack a box of scarves and play peak-a-boo

Max likes to pull the scarves over his head and hide. 
This is a very social activity. I comment on what he is doing. 

Pulling scarves through a hole

For this game you will need a container with a lid. Cut a hole in the lid. and stuff the scarf into the container through the hole, leaving a point sticking out. 

Show your child how to pull the scarf out of the container. 

In this clip you see Max pulling a scarf through a hole, but then wanting the push it back again. He is not able to to this, and also gets annoyed because the scarves will not fall out of the tin when he turns it upside down.


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