Play dough play

Toddlers love playing with play dough, and will roll it out, flatten and squish, make long rolls and then cut or break them into pieces.

All these actions are a great opportunity for improving finger strength and coordination, as well as exploring different ways of doing things. 

You can extend your toddlers repertoire of actions by joining your toddler at the table and demonstrating different things you can do with the play dough. 

Video clip: Will and Pam playing with play dough

In this video clip you see Will, aged 2 years and 4 months, playing together. I make suggestions and demonstrate several actions which he sometimes, but not always copies. 

Will and I often played together, and he had lots of experience watching my demonstrations of how new toys worked and what you can do with them. This video clip how this experience has paid off, and you see him watching my actions and trying out new actions with sustained attention and persistence.