Playing with a suspended toy

An infant play gym is great for promoting your infants fine motor skills.T 18w play gym 1.jpg

Suspend just one or two toys within easy reach of the infants. Very young infants will start by looking at, talking to and batting the toys, but very soon they learn to grasp the toys and explore them using two hands.  

It is important not to hang too many toys on the play gym.  If they all start to move the environment becomes too busy and you may find your infant getting distressed. 

Video clip: Will (4 months) playing with toy hanging in easy reach. 

The small bell and heart you see in the video clip are colorful and easy to grasp. The have been positioned within easy reach and are hanging from an elastic thread so that they can be pulled closer. 

Will is entirely engrossed in this activity. Notice how he uses his fingers in different ways to grasp the toys and how he moderates his movements to get hold of the toys after he has let go and they start to swing from side to side. 

Some suggestions for toys to hang on the play gym

Soft toys with legs and flaps that can be easily grasped. 

Small balls with a bell inside that make a gentle sound. 

A string a brightly colored beads. Use a thin ribbon to string the beads and make a knot between each bead so that the string cannot break and the beads become a choking hazard. 

A chain a brightly colored plastic rings.