SfA Mind Growing Games Guides

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Growing Attention, Motor, and Emotional Skills (GAMES) for Action 

The first two years is a period of rapid brain growth, when infants and toddlers lay down all the important foundations for social, emotional, communication and motor competence. 

Infants and toddlers learn from experience: they learn by doing. Most learning is not passive, and the best learning happens when we actively engage in an activity, work towards a goal and act with purpose. 

Mind Growing Games are opportunities for learning new social, communication, emotion and motor skills in a supportive environment. 

The GAMES Guides give parents the knowledge and  practical tips on ways to enhance and support infant and toddler learning through play. 

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GAMES for Social Action

GAMES for Social Action are games, activities and ideas for enhancing and developing infant and toddler attention, social communication, emotional well being and self-regulation. 

What are social games? Why are they so very important?  GAMES for Social Action provide parents with guidelines for creating and enhancing social encounters with infants or toddlers.

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GAMES for Hand Actions 

These are games and activities that stimulate the infant and toddler to explore different ways of picking up, moving and manipulating objects and toys. 

They will  enhance your infant or toddler's brain power, thinking skills, attention abilities and emotional well being Read more

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Lets Get Moving GAMES

Lets Get Moving Games target infant and toddler gross motor development in ways that provide new challenges to improve strength and coordination, attention, emotional self-regulation and self-confidence. 

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