Blocks, stacking and nesting toys for toddlers

Building towers of blocks and containers

Typically developing toddlers are able to stack at least 3 small blocks on on top of the other. 

Building a tower of small blocks requires a steady hand and maneuvering the block so that it is held vertically ready for balancing on the first block. 

Toddlers also enjoy enjoy building towers of tubs, boxes and larger blocks. 

T-19m-tub-tower.jpgThey will also become involved in an extended game with a play partner of "build a tower and knock it down again".

A set of colored wooden building blocks is a basic essential

As your toddler gets older he or she will get the full benefit of a largish set of building blocks. 

brio-coloured-wooden-blocks.jpgBut they can also be used for many different games for toddlers: building towers, they are great for posting games, as well as color sorting, naming and matching. 


I really like these building blocks

twig-modern-building-blocks.jpgI have added these Twig Modern Building Blocks to this list just because I think they are elegant and have great potential for many toddler games. 


Large cardboard building blocks are a good investment

You can buy a ready made set or make your own collection.  

melissa-and-doug-cardboard-builing-blocks.jpgThese Melissa and Doug cardboard blocks are sturdy and can be used for many games and activities. 

Nesting and stacking toys

Cups that can be stacked 

A set of mugs or tubs that are all the same size allow the toddler to create a tower without needing to make judgments about size. 

Because the cups fit into each other the task is easier than stacking blocks. 

A set of plastic mugs 

This set of plastic mugs are one of my favorite toddler toys. 

They can easily be nested together.

Taking them apart teaches the child to grasp with on hand and pull with the other. 

They can be used for hiding toys or making towers to be knocked down, scooping and pouring, pretend games. 

A set of nesting cups is essential 

From a year your toddler will find many different ways to play with a set of simple nesting cups. And over time and with lots of experience the child learns to stack and nest the cups in the right order. 

Fisher-price-nesting-caps.jpgAvoid fancy - go for a simple set for best play value. 


Nesting boxes 

You will get a great deal of use from a sturdy set of colorful nesting boxes.

melissa-and-doug-nesting-blocks.jpgThis set of Melissa and Doug wooden nesting boxes are sturdy and large enough tp make a lovely tall tower. 


These Dado Cubes are a good investment

dado-cube-construction.jpgThese cubes slot together in interesting ways. Your toddler may not yet be able to slot them together, but will be able to stack, nest and take them apart.