Developmental Gym for Infants and Toddlers

Training movement abilities from birth to walking 

Tips and instructions, with video clips, for training exercises and activities

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What is included?

Tracking progress PDF booklets 
Track your infants progress in  lying, sitting, crawling, standing, cruising and walking. 

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GAMES for Social Interaction

   Will 8m hands to head.jpg   W-9m-initiating.jpg

Activities for promoting hand actions 

W 4m bouncy chair 11_1.jpg   R hand opening and closing 14.jpg

Active stretching exercises

Instructions for easy-to-implement exercises to improve flexibility. 

T 10m sitting 20_1.jpg    sitting hip stretch 2_1.jpg

Learning to sit

Exercises and activities to train sitting and get your infant active in sitting. 

  T 9m sitting between blocks 40_1.jpg  Sitting on my lap 3_1.jpg

From tummy lying to crawling and clambering 

Exercises and activities to get your infant up onto all fours, crawling and clambering 

    R 10m kneeling at block 1_1.jpg   R 11m prone kneeling 4_1.jpg

Pull-to-stand, standing balance, cruising and walking

Exercises and activities to get your infant into standing, improve balance, take first steps, stand alone and walk independently


sitting-on-step_0.jpg Roan 12m standing low block 1_0.jpg Infant-9m-stand-support-bend-knees- 2_0.jpg  Infant-9m-kneel-to-stand 1_0.jpg  T 18 m stepping 3_2.jpg   infant-13m-stand-balance_0.jpg

Improving toddler leg muscle strength balance, and agility

Toddlers who have developmental delay, are hypermobile or have low muscle tone and those with coordination difficulties often need extra help to ensure that they master all the gross motor skills  Example: Training Instructions: Stepping Up

clambering 3_0.jpg  New Movie (107).Movie_Snapshot_0.jpg  T 2y 1m step down 30 cm 4_0.jpg  step-over-hand-support-with-hand-support._0.jpg  Toddler-stand-step-over-obstacle_0.jpg2y 11m climbing onto chair 2_0.jpg  jump over a low obstacle_0.jpg

Read more: Toddler Gross Motor Checklist

Lifting, carrying, throwing and catching games 

T aged 22m playing boxes_0.jpg   Toodler-skittlle-run-squat_0.jpg   Toodler-skittlles-throw-roll-ball-1_0.jpg   M3y2m-sidearm-throw-2_0.jpg

Social games to encourage communication and development of visual attention 

Taking time to play imitation, communication, anticipation games with your toddler is very important for the development of visual attention as well as sustained attention, turn taking and the ability to manage high levels of excitement. 

 BONUS  Toddler Gross Motor Tasks Checklist: a 19 page PDF download 

Identify Goals and Monitor Progress:   

The Toddler Gross Motor Tasks Checklist is a list of all the basic motor tasks a toddler should master by the age of 2-3 years.

Each task is briefly described, goals are identified and space is provided for recording progress towards achieving each goal. 

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