What an active 3 year old can do

Between the ages 3 and 4 years active toddlers work very hard at improving their basic walking, running, jumping and climbing and hand skills.

Here is a basic list of the skills you can expect your 3 year old to be able to do. 

Walking, running stepping  

Walk around the block. Not stopping or complaining and keeping up with an adult. At this age active young children often run part of the way just for the pleasure of moving fast. 

Walk up a short hill. 

Walk across rough ground without tripping and falling. 

running over bridge 1.jpg                                   

Run flat out for a distance of 10 meters - or the width of a tennis court

3y running  2.jpg     

Walk up and down a flight of stairs easily, one step at a time, holding on for balance only.

will walking up steps.jpg

Step up onto a low step or curb without holding on 

Step off a low step or curb without holding on 

Step over a low obstacle such as a row of bricks or milk bottles 

Walk along a raised plank

toddler 2y 9m walking bridge.jpg

Walk down a steep slope

walk down a steep slope june 2012 will.jpg

 Step across a gap 


Jump up and down on two feet     

At 2y 6m Will can even jump forwards off two feet

.Toddler 2y 5m forward jumps 1.jpg Toddelr 2y 6m forwards jump 2.jpg

Toddler 2y 6m forward jumps 3.jpg  Toddler 2y 6m forward jumps 4.jpgCopy

Jump off a low step or chair    

Older active toddlers are able to jump of a chair or stool. Here you see Will jumping off a wooden block and controlling his balance on landing by putting his hands forwards.

 jump down cube 2.jpg jump down cube 1.jpg

Run and jump over a low obstacle - such as a row of milk bottle     

Hop once or twice only on one leg    

Climbing and clambering     

Climb up onto a bed or sofa     At 15 months will manages to climb up onto a quite a high surface with confidence. 

clambering 1.jpg clambering 2.jpg

Climb up onto a kitchen chair or  box  and stand up
Will at 2 years can climb up onto a box and stand up with good balance. This requires good planning to manage to turn around. 

climbing onto box.jpg climbing onto box 2.jpg jumping fown from box 1.jpg

Climb into and out of a box 

Climb up the rungs to the top of a slide     

Climb onto the lowest rungs of a climbing frame     

 toddler 2y 9m climbing frame_1.jpg

Hang with two hands from a bar     

Climb into the car - and into their car seat    

Starting to get into the bath - but this is still tricky due to the height of the bath    

Crawl under a table or a chair without bumping the head.  

Crawl up a slope     

Riding a tricycle and push bike  

Able to ride a push bike / scooter- often at speed     
learning to peddle a tricycle - not usually before the age of 3 years.     

Getting dressed and undressed     

Take off shirts and jackets when the buttons are undone      
Take of trousers (pants) and panties (underpants)    
Starting to pull up own pants - but this can still be a bit tricky     
Take off shoes and boots     
Take of socks - but cannot put socks on yet    
Able to put on some shoes and boots     
Starting to undo buttons - depending and size     

Eating and drinking  

Feed self with a spoon     
Drink from a cup     
Sip through a straw     
Peal a banana    
Eat an apple or pear - skin and all     
Chew effectively - crusts, meat, pasta    
May still not be adventurous with new flavours and textures     

Using the hands     

Pick up and carry heavy objects - 2 liter bottles filled with water     
Carry large objects     
Pour water from a bottle into a bowl - but not yet very accurate     
Carry a cup of water over a flat surface - but cannot yet stand up with a cup in the hand without spilling    
Wipe a surface using a cloth.  

Starting to cut with a scissors     
Able to thread beads     
Fit shapes into posting box     
Open a tap     
Turn on switches     
Take off a screw top lid     
Put together simple puzzles - this depends on experience 
Put together simple construction toys such as Duplo or a marble run. 

Post flat objects through a narrow slot.  This is quite tricky because the object needs to be aligned with the slot. 

Draw rounded shapes and lines in different direction. Still sues a palmar grasp to hold the marker.  

Ball skills 

Catch a large ball with tow hands 
Intercept a rolled ball - watches the ball and anticipates the direction it will take. 
Throw a ball overhand 
Throw or roll a ball to knock over tower of boxes or bottle skittles. 
Kick a soccer ball