Learning to move. Moving to learn.

Ways to help your baby with developmental delay achieve their motor milestones

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Hemi Hands    
My baby is not using her one hand. Should I be worried? 

Activities for training hemi hands

Baby and toddler hand activities  
Activities and games for training hand function

Help your baby achieve their motor milestones 
Ideas for improving your baby's motor development  

Help your toddler 
Ideas for training toddler movement abilities 

Preterm babies
Preterm babies thrive in an enriched environment that encourages social interaction and exploration 

Babies with low muscle tone and joint hypermobility
Low muscle tone: what is it and how does it affect development?
Joint hypermobility: how it affects your infant's development

Babies who scoot on their bottoms
Why do some infants bottom shuffle? Does it matter in the long run?

Late learning to walk 
Late learning to walk: how parents can encourage walking    

Developmental Gym for Babies and Toddlers 
$20 for a 12 months subscription